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Ignore the noise. This module looks at why it can be so hard to focus in today’s information saturated world and what to do about it. It offers tips for how to help yourself and your team to streamline efforts and sustain the right focus.


Using experiments to make better choices. This module examines the role experiments can play in good management—taking lessons from nature, design-thinking, and some of the world’s greatest experiments to help us better adapt to our dynamic environments.


The science of continuous improvement. This module aims to create a shared mindset and shared language around the process of improvement—positioning iteration as the keep to continuous improvement in practice.


Cultivating curiosity and a love of learning. This module explores how we can build the habit of continuous learning for ourselves and for our teams. It asks two simple questions: How fast am I learning? How fast is my team?


In a truly digital organization, mobile comes first. This modules looks in depth at what "mobile first" means and how it is impacting today’s organizations and their work. It examines the unique design opportunities and challenges mobile presents to managers.

Visual Comms

Persuasion ain’t just about powerpoint anymore. This module explores why images have become so important in our information-saturated digital workplace. It gives some simple ways of thinking about image choice and looks at how we can use images to tell stories.


A powerful medium that can make or break your project. Designed for managers working on advanced content projects or communication strategies, this module aims to up your video game—exploring how to curate or commission videos that drive real results.


Everything is negotiable. This module begins by exploring an extremely basic question: how do we know when we’re negotiating? It then considers how best to re-frame a negotiation to make productive compromise more likely. Coming soon.


Recognizing real opportunities and how to seize them. This module looks at how to spot false opportunities, why opportunities emerge in cycles, what those cycles mean strategically, and how intuition fits into the mix.


Discovering and framing complex problems. This module introduces tools and techniques for discovering and framing complex problems. It highlights some of history's greatest "problem setters" and asks a simple question: Are you solving the right problem?


Balancing flexibility and control. This module reminds us that we need to understand processes in order to improve them. It looks at how to create “process maps” that help us identify friction points and how streamlined processes can inspire new ideas and efficiencies.


Make them stop scrolling. Get them talking. This module is about how to thrive as a manager and a business in today’s hyper-connected world. It looks at the types of content and communications that are thriving in the social world and why.

Values in Context

Rather than asking whether or not to act on our values, the Giving Voice to Values (GVV) approach is all about figuring out how to do so effectively. This overview of GVV explores the factors that encourage (and discourage) us from voicing our values.

Values Conflicts

Organizations don’t have values. People do. This module (part of the GVV series) gets to the root of what values conflicts are and how to see them as a normal part of the modern workplace. It asks you to think about your own assumptions and how those impact your approach to values conflicts.

Acting on Values

The art of talking less, doing more. This module (part of the GVV series) examines the practical relationship between values and strategy. It considers how to reframe values conflicts in order to work toward achievable solutions and discusses when and how to enlist allies.

Speaking Up

Speaking up, especially when it’s hard. This module (part of the GVV series) discusses common categories of reasons and rationalizations and how these justifications are used to silence voice. It also considers "defensive reasoning," and helps us identify how and when we're doing it.

Listening for Values

Hearing signals in the noise. This module (part of the GVV series) is about how to listen—and how to do so in a way where those values actually get heard—ultimately creating change as a result. It shares stories of individuals and organizations that weren’t listening and how they adjusted.


Equipping your team to achieve beyond expectations. This module explores what it means to develop members of your team, how to find the right fit, what the relationship looks like over time, and how being a coach benefits more than just your team members.


Ownership starts and ends with you. This module is about driving performance on your team, holding each other accountable when things don’t turn out as planned, and rewarding and recognizing outstanding achievement. Coming soon.


Staying nimble without spinning out of control. This module examines what exactly “agile” means the principles that guide agile teams, and how we can apply the lessons to the way we manage in today’s dynamic landscape. Coming soon.


Actually, it does matter who you are. For most of human history leadership training and character development were synonymous. This module re-establishes that link: Who we are and what we believe are inextricably linked to our ability to motivate and lead others. Coming Soon.


Seeing through the eyes of customers. This module looks at the process we go through to understand our clients and their challenges—and considers the kinds of questions we should be asking our clients in order to develop great solutions for them. Coming soon.


Don’t just fix problems, design solutions. This module introduces the principles of design thinking, looks at what is driving the increased need for designers at large enterprises, and imagines a future where everyone thinks like a designer, at least some of the time. Coming soon.


Trusting your people with power. Helping them use it wisely. This module looks at what it means to equip your team to succeed. It looks at empowerment both from an individual (tools, skills, support) and team perspective (shared knowledge and collaboration). Coming soon.


Getting attention and compelling action. This module discusses the role engagement plays in our professional lives. It focuses on how to effectively measure engagement and how to create, curate, and present content that audiences won’t ignore. Coming soon.


Being honest takes work. This module tackles the art of both giving and receiving feedback. It discusses why these conversations are so critical and why so many of us aren’t good at them. It offers tips for delivering feedback that actually gets heard. Coming soon.


There is no innovation without inclusion. This module explores why inclusion is not a “nice to have” for organizations, but necessary to stay competitive, innovative, and relevant. It discusses common barriers to inclusive cultures and how to overcome them. Coming soon.


Having an impact even when you don’t have power. This module defines the concept of influence, explores its difference from power, and offers practical tips for understanding and wielding influence from any level within any organization. Coming soon.


Leading meetings that don’t suck. This module aims to reclaim “the meeting” as a tool that works for, not against you. It explores the history (and evolution) of the meeting, how (and when) meetings tend to veer off course, and what to do about it when they do. Coming soon.


What matters most? What matters now? This module dives deeply into the role that priorities play in our work—discussing how to determine, communicate, and sustain them. It explores the many types of conflicting priorities we face and how to navigate them as teams. Coming Soon.


What drives what you do and who cares? This module looks at why purpose has become critical in the modern workplace, exploring the internal and external forces driving this change while candidly asking you to address any scepticism of the “purpose motive” head on. Coming soon.

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