Made for Digital

Nomadic’s platform is the engine that drives our solutions. Designed from the ground up for today’s learners and today’s devices, our platform closely integrates with your existing learning systems while providing you with the capabilities to deliver world-class, social learning at scale.

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A native social learning platform

Nomadic is the only platform in the industry designed exclusively for small group, social learning at scale. The result is teams from around the world collaborating, sharing best practices and developing together in a way that’s never been possible.

Any device access

Our platform is designed to be accessible on any device with a browser. Users can access learning on their smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, with the same content and same functionality across all devices. True anytime, anywhere learning.

Game dynamics that drive engagement

We deploy game-dynamics that drive participation through intrinsic motivation. Individual leaderboards within teams spur users to engage thoughtfully. Team leaderboards and competition turn early adopters into cheerleaders who encourage participation.

Administration made easy

We give you the tools to easily manage small group learning at scale, including content management, team and user management, and tools to configure your platform to your unique needs.

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