Why Nomadic?

Nomadic builds end-to-end digital learning solutions for some of the world’s largest organizations and most respected institutions. Some of our programs have tens of thousands of users across the world. Some have a few dozen.

Regardless of the size or scope, we measure the success of our learning solutions by how well we help our clients accomplish four essential things:

1. Engagement

People only learn when they pay attention. If you can't attract and keep learner attention, everything else is moot. Nomadic has the best engagement rates in the industry. Nomadic users spend more time, share more, and come back more often, on more devices, than any other digital learning solution. We have a lifetime completion rate of 85%.

We get and keep learners' attention because we are relentlessly committed to quality content and design.

2. Connection

Human beings learn best in groups. Always have. From Socrates in the square to modern graduate seminars, the best learning experiences happen when we are challenged to think differently by fellow learners, in conversation. Nomadic brings that kind of social learning to digital platforms.

Nomadic programs generate thousands of comments and interactions--each data point representing a real connection between previously isolated ideas and people.

3. Alignment

For large organizations confronting a complex and changing world, digital learning is emerging as the center of transformation efforts. It’s also becoming a critical tool in many organization’s ongoing effort to build more agile, effective teams.

Nomadic drives alignment, teaches a common language, accelerates skill development, and involves the entire organization in shaping the future, not just reacting to it.

4. Visibility

Digital Learning should be one of the most important and consistent source of insights for an organization. It should be a platform where talent shines, great ideas emerge, and hidden challenges become visible. And everything should be underpinned by powerful analytics. Great learning experiences generate game-changing data.

Nomadic learning experiences produce data that lands on the CEO’s desk, critical insights into an organization that can’t be found anywhere else.

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