There’s a 72% chance you won’t remember reading this page in two days.

Many things in the digital age are passive. Learning shouldn’t be one of them. While people forget most of the information they consume passively, they’re incredible at recalling and using knowledge they actively engage with, discuss with peers, apply to solve relevant problems, and hear as a story from experts.

Our approach uses the best digital tools to get the best out of the human mind.

Active and Social Learning

When you join Nomadic, you join a global, always-on community of experts and peers. You’ll learn in groups, solve common problems, and hear from the experts who spend their days immersed in each topic area.

Product screenshot our global community where members post ideas, expertise, questions and more.

Narrative-driven content

Did you retain more from your high school textbooks or your favorite books and shows? Us too. Our team of documentary filmmakers and journalists make narrative-based content that respects your intelligence, inspires you creatively, and brings you directly to the source of emerging trends and topics.

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Product screenshot from one of our Field Manuals featuring a video interview with John Hunter, creator of the World Peace Game

Flexible but accountable experience

86% of learners that start one of our experiences finish them. We balance the flexibility to fit your schedule with features that keep you accountable to ensure you achieve your goals—even when life gets busy.

Product screenshot of our Program library featuring details of the learner's active Program, their completion percentage and the leaderboard status of their team.

“I love the balance between self-learning and feeling [like] part of a team. Plus the Resources are quick and impactful like an energy shot! I can navigate in a wide area and focus where I need more. Thank you.”