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Giving Voice to Values + Digital

By Mary Gentile Ph.D

Mary Gentile is the Director and Creator of Giving Voice to Values and Professor of Practice at the University of Virginia-Darden School of Business. In this second guest post- read the first one here- Mary looks at how the digital space is the perfect medium for delivering the Giving Voice to Value curriculum.

Giving Voice to Values is a radical new approach based on research and practice with more than 1000 projects with organizations and institutions all over the world. The key to this new approach is to create learning that is less about analysis and more about action, less about “thou shalt not” and more about what empowered individuals “can do” when they are equipped to voice their values.

Some of the major factors that determine the success of the Giving Voice to Values approach are: offering learning in a safe and confidential environment, providing sufficient time for rehearsing and peer coaching, and engaging as many folks as possible at all levels of the organization. And this is where digital learning comes in.

The time for rehearsing and peer coaching is often a scarce commodity in organizations, and the runway toward comfort with the mastery of this practice can sometimes feel daunting.

Through digital learning channels participants have the opportunity to rehearse; to explore the applications of GVV; to reflect on their own successful as well as failed attempts to enact values from the past; and to begin to build shared conversations with peers –– all with the fascinating mélange of identity and anonymity that digital learning provides. The time to reflect on one’s comments; the mitigation of the often perceived pressure to just “agree” or “go along” with the group that can drive in-person interactions; the ability to name real concerns behind the perceived safety of the keyboard and to choose one’s words carefully ––and on and on.

All of these dynamics can allow learners to begin to have a deeper, more real and honest conversation about values –– and to begin to practice and master the powerful GVV “re-frames” before they even walk into that precious and limited in-person training session.

But digital learning goes even further than providing a comfortable place for folks to start practicing new behaviors and decreasing the amount of time it takes to master the practice. It amplifies the reach of the GVV curriculum to extend it across all levels of the organization. As is the case with many transformational initiatives, GVV will only be successful when adopted by the majority of folks, no matter their level or title. Digital learning channels make it convenient for even the most time-starved people to learn the concepts, practice, and engage meaningfully with peers on topics of mutual interest.

See how Nomadic has created a digital learning experience from Mary Gentile’s Giving Voice to Values Approach. Sign up for a free trial here.

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