Giving Voice to Values in Nigeria

A Unilever Case Study

Conducting business with integrity is at the heart of everything Unilever does and is key to its long-term success. As the organization expands into new markets, recruits new talent and faces new challenges, they need to ensure that employees worldwide are equipped to implement the Unilever values and purpose in the decisions and actions they take every day.

Committed to these values and to continuous improvement for the organization, Unilever partnered with Nomadic Learning and Giving Voice to Values (GVV) to create a digital learning experience for current and future leaders around the globe. The program, which launched in Nigeria in 2016, was designed to inspire employees across all levels to “voice their values” at work and offers tools to help them do so more effectively.

Nomadic raised the bar for digital learning at Unilever with results that delivered against every metric. In 2017 Unilever expanded the program to nearly 1000 employees in Africa and are planning to roll out globally in 2018.

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