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Nomadic’s Holiday Wish List

By Nomadic Learning

You might have realized that Nomads are deeply passionate about learning. But you might not know that we also love the holiday season. So, what better way to acknowledge both than sharing our holiday learning wish list. Here’s what we’re hoping for from Santa:

Less content and more awesome content. We don’t need giant libraries with millions of micro learning assets. We’d just love some better content.

Better analytics. Finally having a way to measure the real impact of learning on the performance of our organizations. We want to go far, far beyond the happy sheet.

Recognition for L&D. We think L&D doesn’t get enough love. We want to see more CLOs become CEOs.

More budget. This might sound a bit selfish, but if L&D is going to play a pivotal role in the Digital Transformation of our organizations (as it must), it’s going to need more money.

Less buzzwords. We’re swimming in them, and they make it harder for us to understand important issues.

A new industry event. Where real conversations happen but at the scale that makes the investment (of money for vendors and time for practitioners) worthwhile.

And here are a few random non-learning wishes:

That AI will always be under human control - we all know what happened in The Terminator

That learning a new language could be accomplished by transplant

That Siri would be a little less knowledgeable

That it snows on Christmas Day (from our London Nomads who rarely get snow)

And finally, that everybody would stop emphasizing goals so much and get back to wishing.

What’s on your holiday wish list?

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