Leadership History Lessons - The Genghis Khan Story

Jan 11, 2018 by Nomadic Team

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We’re kicking off 2018 with a series of blog posts on lessons from leaders throughout history.

History is filled with examples of tenacious, flexible, and relentless leaders who achieved remarkable success. For today’s leaders these stories provide a source of inspiration and ideas that we can apply to the modern business environment.

We’re reaching way back for our first history lesson, to the 12th century Mongol Emperor Genghis Khan. While we don’t recommend copying every one of this leader’s methods, his approaches to adapting and learning on the go are pretty impressive––and timeless enough that they’re still worth talking about nine centuries later. Watch the video to learn more.

Like we said, perhaps it’s not a good idea to adopt ALL of Genghis’ methods (the “millions dead” is a bit of problem) but his determination to constantly learn and adapt are fantastic lessons for the modern leader.

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