The Josh Bersin Academy

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We partnered with Josh Bersin to build the world’s first global professional development Academy for HR. The Josh Bersin Academy has reached 10,000+ members in our first year and continues to grow.

10K + Members

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The Challenge

Josh Bersin, the preeminent global analyst and thought leader in HR, recognized that tectonic shifts in the world of work were having a huge impact on the HR profession. Unless the profession transformed it would become increasingly obsolete.

Josh wanted to use his years of experience in the field, and his vision of where HR was heading, to help HR transform. He wanted to do it in a way that was truly global, affordable for everyone, and was collaborative at the core.

The JBA Challenge

The Barriers

Quality Mattered: Most online learning companies that Josh could have partnered with didn’t have the content expertise to create the kind of quality learning experience Josh wanted.

Need for Social: MOOCs or video-based training had the global reach, but they did not have the deep social learning that Josh knew would be essential to driving transformation.

Speed & Cost: developing something independently would have taken too long and been too expensive.

The JBA Barriers

Enter the Josh Bersin Academy

Screenshot of the JBA Platform and Programs

Josh ultimately chose Nomadic Learning to build and take the Josh Bersin Academy to market.

The Josh Bersin Academy is built on Nomadic’s existing team-based social learning platform, and leverages Nomadic proprietary learning format (the Field Manual) to deliver world-class learning to HR Professionals around the world.

The platform features time-bound online Programs on the most important HR topics, a library of hundreds of exclusive HR Resources, and a community experience where HR professionals from around the world can share their ideas and ask each other for advice.

Using our unique approach to content production, Nomadic has created 9 Certificate Programs for the Josh Bersin Academy (so far), hundreds of microlearning assets, and filmed dozens of global HR professionals from around the world.

The Impact

The Josh Bersin Academy has established itself at the learning destination for HR professionals in under 12 months. The Academy has a thriving learning community with over 10,000 HR practitioners from over 92 different countries around the world. The Josh Bersin Academy has been adopted as an enterprise HR learning solution by leading organizations, including Accenture, Verizon, Vodafone, Lego, Tata and many more.

6 months

From kickoff to launch


Members in the first year after launch


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Learning Hours completed in the first year

“My background in learning design and architecture gives me a keen appreciation for the (Josh Bersin) Academy’s learner experience. The engaging interactions, the innovative way it encourages collaboration and engagement, and the relevant library of quick reference resources all contribute to a high-impact solution.”

- Pamay Bassey, Chief Learning Officer, Kraft Heinz

“For me, the Josh Bersin Academy is the best place to grow in all things HR. It’s so much more than excellent educational content: it‘s how you are part of a growing community of experts always there to have your back!”

- Stella Ioannidou, Academy Member & IT Talent Manager, Eurobank

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