Nomadic creates Digital Communities of Practice for leading organizations. We help enterprises, L&D functions, professions and teams:

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Adopt new ways of working and thinking

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Develop a common language to talk about new challenges

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Create a shared understanding of the problems they face

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Involve everyone in making change a reality

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What is a Digital Community of Practice?

A Digital Community of Practice is a collaborative, team-based approach to learning combining 4 core elements:

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It all starts with great content. If you haven’t got it, you haven’t got anyone’s attention. And it’s pretty hard to change minds and transform as a team if no one is paying attention. We’ve got great content and the capabilities to create lots more content for your specific transformation challenge.

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We deliver our content through the first ever learning platform designed from the ground up for collaboration. Transformation is only possible in collaboration. With Nomadic, your people learn in teams, constantly sharing ideas, best practice, and lessons learned. Even gripes and grumbles. It works because they’re inspired by awesome content. Oh, and it’s 100% mobile.

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When thousands of people start using a Digital Community of Practice it becomes an insights machine. Deep learning data that’s easily accessible reveals insights that truly help your organization become more agile, adapting to feedback from your people throughout your transformation journey.

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Implementation of a Digital Community of Practice starts with consulting services to understand your strategic objectives. It includes production services to create content that matches your needs, and depends on onboarding and implementation services for successful execution.

See a Digital Community of Practice in action

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