We work closely with your business leaders, L&D team and internal subject matter experts to create your Digital Community of Practice.

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We start with a learning design based on interviews with your subject matter experts and business leaders.

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We produce new content, curate existing content and put it all together in our proprietary learning format.

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We work with you on all aspects of implementation, from cohort design to engagement strategy.

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We analyze learning data and survey feedback to constantly improve the experience for learners, and outcomes for your organization.

Launching a fully customized Digital Community of Practice can take as little as 6 weeks and cost a lot less than you might think. That’s because we’re fully integrated. Content and Platform. Services and Technology.

And we’ve got the best team in the business.

Your Project Team

When we build a Digital Community of Practice for your organization we assemble an eclectic team who’ll go to extraordinary lengths to make your project a success.

Your project team will include:


A Senior Client Partner

This is your creative partner. The person who’s going to learn everything they can about your business or challenge and come up with a creative learning design that blows your socks off.


A Project Manager

The guy or gal who keeps the trains running on time. They’ll be your day-to-day contact during the design and build phases.



The people who actually produce your content. From writers to animators and film directors, you might not meet these guys that much, but they’re the ones who deserve a lot of the credit.


A Customer Success Partner

You can create an incredible learning experience and it can still flop if you don’t get the onboarding and launch right. Your Customer Success Partner makes sure that doesn’t happen.


A Technical Liaison

Technology is the heart and foundation of what we do. We work closely with your own technical people to make sure we’re integrated where you want us to be and everything works seamlessly.