Learning that makes your boldest bets a reality

Nomadic is the world’s leading collaborative learning platform. We drive mindset and behavior change at organizations around the globe, helping them achieve their biggest goals and boldest transformations.


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Why we lead cohort-based learning

Get in-person impact at digital scale with cohort-based learning.

We didn’t just bring in-person leadership development training online; we built a new way of learning with global, distributed teams at its core. Your teams around the globe will get to collaborate and solve problems together, build consistent skills and values, and learn in the flow of their work.

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Behavioral and mindset change in the most high-impact areas

Help your teams thrive in complexity and uncertainty.

We teach people how to adapt, collaborate, and lead, partnering with top experts and practitioners so your teams can learn the capabilities that transform industries—directly from the people doing the transforming.

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  • Creative Leadership cover image Creative Leadership
  • Cultivating Influence cover image Cultivating Influence
  • Design Thinking Workshop cover image Design Thinking Workshop

A collaborative learning platform that configures to your objectives

Our learning experiences solve your biggest challenges and future-proof your organization.

Whether you’re shifting to a hybrid workforce, instilling a shared corporate culture with coworkers across seven different time zones, or embedding diversity and equity objectives throughout your leadership development—Nomadic rapidly configures to meet your goals and strategic objectives.

Built with enterprises,
for enterprises.

Our approach is


Global, scalable, and digitally native


Collaborative, active, and continuous


Research-backed and narrative-driven


Synchronous enough for accountability and peer exchange; asynchronous enough to be flexible and fit into the flow of work


Designed to use the best digital tools to get the best out of the human mind