Nomadic is a digital academy that teaches people to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

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We believe that people learn best by working with others and by doing, and that online education as it currently exists represents a failure to imagine a better way to learn.

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We believe that the future of work isn’t just technical, and that strategy, creativity, impact, and empathy are as important as any “hard skill.”

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We believe that success and leadership have changed fundamentally, and that we need new pathways for achieving both.

Nomadic transforms careers and workplaces through a more human, holistic approach to learning in the digital era. We’ll teach you how to think about emerging disciplines, how to solve problems, and how to lead.

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Our approach is the result of years spent building academies that have transformed the workplaces of and created a new generation of leaders for the Fortune 500.

We specialize in the topics that are the hardest to teach, and have moved careers and organizations alike into the future. We also co-created and currently operate the Josh Bersin Academy, the global home for HR expertise used by over 10,000 people worldwide.

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Learning experiences that fit your life, availability, and goals

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Learner Journeys: for getting you from where you are now to where you want to be

Our Learner Journeys are curated, long-term, interdisciplinary curriculum built for achieving career goals and pivots.

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Programs: for moving your skills to the next level

Enroll in Programs that will take you from theory to application in a specific topic. Program topics are based on the skills we've worked with leaders and academics to identify as most important for success in the future.

Three example Resources from the academy

Resources: short on time, big on impact

Resources deliver new tools and theory you can digest and apply in minutes. They're built to fit busy schedules and support those who learn best by doing.

Explore all of our Programs and other content offerings

Learn directly from the world’s leading thinkers and doers. Solve real world problems with thousands of global peers.

We'll teach you tips, tricks, and theory from the experts using them every day at: Google / Etsy / "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee" / Columbia Mailman School of Public Health / Accenture / Basecamp / Atlas Obscura / Flexport / Microsoft / DeutscheBank

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Samia Kahn

Director, Filmmaker, and Producer

 Dylan Thuras, Co-founder, Atlas Obscura

Dylan Thuras

Co-founder, Atlas Obscura

John Hunter, Creator of the World Peace Game

John Hunter

Creator of the World Peace Game

Geoffrey Baldwin, Industrial Designer and Founder, People, Places & Things

Geoffrey Baldwin

Industrial Designer and Founder, People, Places & Things

Micaela Martinez, Assistant Proffessor of Environmental Health Sciences Columbia University

Micaela Martinez

Assistant Proffessor of Environmental Health Sciences Columbia University

Amanda Thurston, Leader, Marketing, IBM

Amanda Thurston

Leader, Marketing, IBM

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We partner with large organizations, notable individuals, and industry groups to create custom academies tailored to the needs of different companies and industries.

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