Our incredible team of Nomads are based in New York, London, Austin, Fort Collins, Milan and beyond. They’re a pretty eclectic bunch, from award winning documentary film makers to nanotechnology scientists. You’ll get to meet them when you work with us.

  • Erin Becker

    Erin Becker

    Associate Creative Director - Copy

  • Amanda Burr

    Amanda Burr

    Editor in Chief

  • Katrina Rainer

    Katrina Rainer

    VP, Learning Design

  • Tim Sarchet

    Tim Sarchet

    COO & Co-founder

  • Bryan Connor

    Bryan Connor

    VP, User Experience

  • Michele Ocampo

    Michele Ocampo

    Director of Partnerships

  • Jenessa Casey

    Jenessa Casey

    Finance Manager

  • Matt Burr

    Matt Burr

    CEO & Co-founder

  • Debra Newcomer

    Debra Newcomer

    SVP, Content Partnerships

  • Damon Kreth

    Damon Kreth

    SVP, Finance & Administration

  • Jackie Boone

    Jackie Boone

    VP, Customer Success

  • Nick Chang

    Nick Chang

    Senior Writer & Editor

  • Becca Endicott

    Becca Endicott

    Senior Writer & Editor

  • Anne Edouard

    Anne Edouard

    Content Management Associate

  • Laura Clark

    Laura Clark

    RVP, Sales

  • Kyle Morrow

    Kyle Morrow

    Account Executive

  • Robert M. Burnside

    Robert M. Burnside

    Senior Learning Advisor

  • Tatiana McCabe

    Tatiana McCabe

    Senior Video Producer

  • Natalia Gonzalez Chavez

    Natalia Gonzalez Chavez

    VP, Client Services

  • Carolyn Ruocco

    Carolyn Ruocco

    Deputy Editor & VP

  • Jun-Ho Kim

    Jun-Ho Kim


  • Andy Rapp

    Andy Rapp

    Senior Growth Marketing Manager

  • Nicole Noble

    Nicole Noble

    Client Success Manager

  • Mike Estler

    Mike Estler

    VP, Multimedia Production

  • Chris Thomas

    Chris Thomas

    RVP, Sales

  • Kim Milhoan

    Kim Milhoan

    Customer Success Manager

  • James Bassendine

    James Bassendine

    Software Developer

  • Eduardo Torres

    Eduardo Torres

    Integration Engineer

  • Adam Bai

    Adam Bai

    SVP, Research and Insights

  • Sandy Wu

    Sandy Wu

    Sales Development Representative

  • Haley Dorn

    Haley Dorn

    Client Success Manager

  • Cristina Valdez Pineda

    Cristina Valdez Pineda

    Client Services Manager

  • Colette Keane

    Colette Keane

    SVP, Marketing

  • Eli Stewart

    Eli Stewart

    Client Operations Lead

Our Clients & Partners

We love working with innovative organizations who want to push the boundaries of what digital learning can do.

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Our Offices

Nomadic is a fully remote company, made up of people across the US, Europe, and occasionally South America and Asia. We maintain two main offices in London and New York.

nyc map


nyc map


Job Openings

We’re a growing team too. If you think you have something to add to what we’re doing, please get in touch or check out our open positions below:

  • No current openings

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