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We love working with innovative organizations who want to push the boundaries of what digital learning can do.

Our Team

Our incredible team of Nomad’s are based in New York, London, Nashville, Austin, Fort Collins, Washington and Milan. They’re a pretty eclectic bunch, from award winning documentary film makers to nanotechnology scientists, all working in unison (most of the time). They rock. You’ll get to meet them when you work with us.

  • Tim Sarchet

    Tim Sarchet

    COO & Co-founder

  • Becca Endicott

    Becca Endicott

    Associate Partner & Writer

  • Abbi Graves

    Abbi Graves

    VP, Client Success

  • Jackie Boone

    Jackie Boone

    Director, Customer Success

  • Matt Burr

    Matt Burr

    CEO & Co-founder

  • Meg Viar

    Meg Viar

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Robert M. Burnside

    Robert M. Burnside

    Senior Learning Advisor

  • Tatiana McCabe

    Tatiana McCabe

    Creative Director, Film & Multimedia Production

  • Damon Kreth

    Damon Kreth

    SVP, Finance & Administration

  • Mike Estler

    Mike Estler

    Director, Content Management

  • James Bassendine

    James Bassendine

    Software Engineer

  • Bryan Connor

    Bryan Connor

    VP, User Experience

  • Adam Bai

    Adam Bai

    SVP & Senior Client Partner

  • Debra Newcomer

    Debra Newcomer

    SVP & Senior Client Partner

  • Carolyn Ruocco

    Carolyn Ruocco

    Associate Partner & Writer

  • Jun-Ho Kim

    Jun-Ho Kim


We’re a growing team too. If you think you have something to add to what we’re doing, please get in touch or check out our open positions below:

Associate Writer

Our Story

art of war

Nomadic was founded in 2012 with a simple goal. We thought most online learning sucked and wanted to make it better. We had no real idea of what to do with it once we’d done that. We just wanted to make something awesome. So we did. We made an awesome online program based on Sun Tzu’s Art of War (re-translated by Matt from the original Chinese text specifically for our online program, perhaps our craziest move to date).

It’s taken us another 4 or 5 years to really figure out what to do with what we’ve built. But thanks to the hard work of an incredible team, we think we’re getting there.

Our Offices


Nomadic Learning LLC
33 Irving Place 5th floor,
New York, NY 10003

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Nomadic Learning LLC
1 Primrose St
London, EC2A 2EX

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