About Nomadic

Nomadic builds digital academies that help organizations use learning to accelerate growth, drive transformation, and better serve their employees, their customers, and the world. We co-created the Josh Bersin Academy, used by 30,000 HR professionals worldwide, and our academies have powered transformation and solved the trickiest learning challenges at IBM, Citi, and other Fortune 500 companies.

Our Story

In May 2002, Nomadic founders Matt and Tim were teaching English in Guangzhou, China. The vibe in the room wasn’t great. Executives weren’t excited about taking time out of their day to learn English. And the pleather binders with the class materials weren’t exactly driving engagement.

Matt decided to try something new: an exercise where the students needed to debate real issues from their daily work. Instead of a teacher talking at them, they would engage directly with their colleagues on topics that mattered. All of a sudden, the classroom was buzzing. And the idea that would become Nomadic was born.

Nomadic was founded to help companies and institutions build learning that takes advantage of the way adults learn best: in groups, engaging with their peers. Tim and Matt have now spent more than a decade building academies that tackle the Fortune 500’s toughest challenges and help organizations like AB InBev, IBM, and Citi upskill people for a new working world, all through deeply social learning.

Things have changed a lot since those early days in China. But all Nomadic’s work still comes back to one thing: a deep belief that learning can do great things––if you make it meaningful and get learners buzzing.

Our Clients & Partners

We’re thrilled to partner with organizations around the world that are just as obsessed with learning as we are. Whether it’s helping create a new generation of managers for a major financial services organization or pivoting one of the world’s largest insurers into a globally distributed, hybrid workforce, we’re proud to work together with our clients to stay at the forefront of what digital learning can do.

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Our Team

We’re an all-remote team based in New York, London, Milan, Paris, and beyond. Our team includes an Airstream enthusiast, a children’s book author, and a developer who spends his weekends at knitting conventions.

One thing brings this eclectic group together: we’re really excited about learning. If you are too, we’ll probably get along!

  • Cristina Valdez Pineda

    Cristina Valdez Pineda

    Client Services Manager

  • Eduardo Torres

    Eduardo Torres

    Integration Engineer

  • Kim Milhoan

    Kim Milhoan

    Customer Success Manager

  • Matt Burr

    Matt Burr

    CEO & Co-founder

  • Robert Hodson

    Robert Hodson

    Head of Marketing Operations

  • Jackie Boone

    Jackie Boone

    VP, Customer Success

  • Jun-Ho Kim

    Jun-Ho Kim


  • Nicole Noble

    Nicole Noble

    Senior Customer Success Manager

  • Sandy Wu

    Sandy Wu

    Design Lead - Solution Design, Delivery and Enablement

  • Bryan Connor

    Bryan Connor

    VP, User Experience

  • Tim Sarchet

    Tim Sarchet

    COO & Co-founder

  • Robert M. Burnside

    Robert M. Burnside

    Senior Learning Advisor

  • Carolyn Ruocco

    Carolyn Ruocco

    Deputy Editor & VP

  • Amanda Burr

    Amanda Burr

    Editor in Chief

  • Haley Dorn

    Haley Dorn

    Client Success Manager

  • Debra Newcomer

    Debra Newcomer

    SVP - Solution Design, Delivery and Enablement

  • James Bassendine

    James Bassendine

    Software Developer

  • Nick Chang

    Nick Chang

    Senior Writer & Editor

  • Mike Estler

    Mike Estler

    VP, Multimedia Production

  • Michele Ocampo

    Michele Ocampo

    Director of Partnerships

Our Offices

Nomadic is a fully remote company, made up of people across the US, Europe, and occasionally South America and Asia. We maintain two main offices in London and New York.

nyc map


nyc map


Job Openings

We’re a growing team too. If you think you have something to add to what we’re doing, please get in touch or check out our open positions below:


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