Introducing Resources

Nov 17, 2017 by Tim Sarchet

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Nomadic has recently launched a new feature called “Resources”. Resources is our answer to the demand for more informal, personalized learning experiences. However, we have always believed that informal, personalized learning works best when combined with more structured, team-based learning experience. That’s why we’ve designed Resources as an integrated component of our existing Programs. Learners can now experience the most powerful team-based digital programs alongside carefully curated informal learning resources.

What is a resource?

A Resource is a single piece of learning content designed for individuals to complete on their own, when they want. A resource could be a video, a short case or an article. Resources might be drawn from Nomadic’s content library, or we can add our client's content to Resources. Content is mostly stored in Nomadic but we can also link out to content stored elsewhere (in our client's LMS, intranet or on the web).

Resources support the overall learning objectives of a program or series of programs and are designed to reinforce learning, provide more personalized learning paths, and create a continuous, ongoing learning experience.

Programs & Resources

Programs are team-based online learning experiences and are still the primary mode of learning within Nomadic. In programs users are assigned to teams and go through the program (or programs) within their team, collaborating and sharing ideas with team members. Programs are also usually “time bound”, with a fixed start and fixed end date.

Resources are thematically related to Programs (i.e. if a user is studying a program on digital marketing they will also have series of resources on digital marketing) but the mode of learning is different. Resources are NOT studied in teams and are NOT time bound. They can be accessed anytime and are designed for self-directed learning, before, after and between a learner’s team-based learning experience.

If you'd like to learn more about our appoach to informal personalized learning, request a demo here.

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