Leadership Development - Webinar Poll Results

Apr 20, 2018 by Tim Sarchet

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I recently co-hosted a webinar with Cindy McCauley from CCL© on Making Leadership Happen, at Scale. We explored the shifts that are happening in the business environment and how combining collaborative approaches to leadership with emerging digital tools can help you develop prepared and agile leaders at all levels of your organization.

During the webinar we took the opportunity to ask the audience their views on leadership and leadership development. Here are some of the results:

1. What makes a great leader is the same as it’s always been, just the context in
which we need to apply leadership skills is shifting.

Pie chart showing 23.5% agree

Insight - The great majority of attendees disagree with the statement, implying that the definition of a great leader is changing.

2. Which of Direction, Alignment, or Commitment do you think your own organization has the biggest issue with?

Bar chart showing alignment: 73.9%, commitment: 15.9%, direction: 10.2%

Insight - The great majority of attendees identified Alignment as the main problem area within their organizations. Although some people reported Commitment and Direction as issues, they were not the most common hurdle.

3. How much of your current Leadership Development is done digitally / online?

Bar chart showing 92 people do between 0-25% digitally, 23 people do 26-50%, 14 people do 51-75% and 6 people do 76-100%

Insight - The great majority of attendees reported doing less than 25% of learning digitally.

4.How much of your Leadership Development would you like to be done digitally / online?

Bar chart showing 10 people would like to do 0-25% digitally, 62 people would like 25-50%, 52 people would like 51-75% and 10 people would like 76-100%

Insight - Most attendees would like to be doing between 50% and 75% of their organizational learning online. There is a large discrepancy between the desired percentage of digital learning and the current amount of learning done online.

From the poll responses as well as webinar attendee feedback, it seems people recognize that leadership is changing, that alignment is a problem, and that getting more people involved in leadership development using digital learning is part of the solution. What do you think?

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