How You Learn in the Nomadic Academy Part 2: Resources

Jul 02, 2020 by Nomadic Team

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In our previous post, we talked about how Programs in the Nomadic Academy are collaborative learning experiences designed for deep learning of more complex or future-focused topics. In the Nomadic Academy, we compliment this mode of learning with personalized, in the flow of work learning through our Resources.

Resources are highly curated, short-form learning assets that address specific skills gaps and enable learners to personalize learning to their own needs and interests. They are designed to support learners “at the point of need”. That is, when a manager or leader has a gap in her understanding about a given topic, or is facing a new challenge and she is not sure how to tackle it, the Resource library provides instant answers.

Resources may contain a video, podcast, short case, or quick list of practical tips or insights. The also often contain discussion threads so learners across the entire Academy community can contribute to the body of knowledge around every Resource.

Resources are designed to be extremely relevant and dynamic. We add new Resources to our Resource library 2 to 3 times per week. So the Resource library is constantly evolving and staying up to date on the latest issues and challenges. When the Coronavirus hit, every week we added new Resources on how to manage remotely, how to lead in a crisis, wellbeing in a crisis and more.

But, critically, Resources in the Nomadic Academy are also highly curated. Our goal is not to fill the Resource Library with tens of thousands of learning assets, from all kinds of sources, from Youtube to Ted talks. Our goal is to create and curate the most relevant content for managers and leaders, so every single piece of content is timely, insightful and actionable.

Resources are organized into “types”, such as Big Ideas, History Lessons, Research, Primers and Tools, and are tagged by topics, such as Innovation, Decision Making, Crisis Management, Strategic Thinking and more. Our Resource library is also integrated with Microsoft Teams. Users can search for and access Resources from within the Nomadic Academy without ever leaving the Microsoft Teams App.

Overall, Resources and Programs combined create a continuous learning environment, with Resources providing learners with on the job support and personalized learning paths that compliment the deep collaborative learning in our Programs. The 3rd pillar to the Nomadic Academy, Community, adds a global peer-to-peer learning network. We’ll write about that next time.

We’ll be posting sample Resources from the Nomadic Academy in our blog every few weeks, so stay tuned for more.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can adapt the Academy for your managers and leaders, contact us here.