Program Spotlight: Management Fundamentals

Aug 18, 2020 by Nomadic Team

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No matter what stage of your career you are in, becoming a manager (or being newly in charge of teams or large-scale projects) can be daunting, and maybe surprisingly so. Suddenly our decisions have more weight and our team members start behaving differently around us. We are subject to new and unfamiliar types of pressure and stress.

Our days revolve around managing relationships and enabling the collaboration that modern work demands. In other words, our success depends on making sure other people can get their work done. And when they can’t, we are the ones who have to figure out why and how to help them.

Becoming a manager is difficult and It’s natural to feel a little bit lost or overwhelmed.

The Management I: Fundamentals Program in the Nomadic Academy aims to help make sense of this transition. It opens with a reminder of the influence we have on our teams, then explores common traps that managers of all experience levels can fall into. It tells a cautionary tale of what can happen when we forget that people pay attention to what we do—and how we can use that for the good of everyone. It dives into one manager’s experience leading a new, bigger team and looks at the new powers and obligations we gain when we become managers. Finally, it asks us to reflect on what type of managers we hope to be.

The Management Fundamentals Program addresses these 4 questions:

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