How Citi, PepsiCo, & AB InBev Drive Transformation with Cohort-Based Learning

Sep 20, 2021

Cohort-based learning is the hottest topic in L&D right now. But how do you use it to drive real transformation within your business, particularly when it comes to difficult-to-teach skills like management and leadership? And what are the best practices for implementation?

Last week, Nomadic held an event with L&D professionals from Citi, PepsiCo, and AB InBev, who all shared their stories of switching to a cohort-based learning model at their organization. We loved what they had to say about how cohort-based learning can drive behavioral change, the tips they shared for getting the most out of cohort-based programs, and their observations about how this model is changing L&D experts’ perspectives on digital learning.

At Nomadic, we’ve been creating cohort-based experiences for more than a decade now. And we love talking to leaders about how this model can drive transformation in their business.

Have questions about what cohort-based learning could do for your organization? Get in touch with us to learn more!

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