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Jul 15, 2022

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Welcome to the Learner Engagement Hub!

Here, you'll find our best resources on learner engagement, exploring topics like:

All these resources are based on our decade of experience creating cohort-based learning experiences that have driven record learner enagement at organizations around the globe. (We also have a hub page on cohort-based learning.)

Whether it's individual learners enrolling in our our HR learning platform, the Josh Bersin Academy, or teams of more than 1,000 at global companies like AB InBev, Citi, and IBM, we've seen that a consultative process, thoughtful learning design, transparent communication, and meaningful content and goals for learning are key.

These resources dive deeper into what this all looks like in practice. We hope you find them useful!

Digital Learning Design that Drives High Learner Engagement

L&D tips: how to create a learning strategy with maximum impact. Strategies like transitioning from an individual mindset to a team mindset and using collaborative learning can help foster engagement and ultimately, higher business impact.

Learner engagement tips for digital L&D. Check out our top three tips for solving one of the stickiest problems in digital L&D: how to foster great learner engagement.

"Nobody makes time for digital L&D": Ways to engage your learners online. Explore five ways to improve learner engagement in digital courses and help your online learning create real impact.

How to drive learner engagement with great UX. Great learner experience design is one of the most effective ways to heighten learner engagement. Here, we share some design and UX (user experience) decisions we’ve made at Nomadic and how we see them getting and keeping learners engaged.

Learner engagement tips: how L&D can capture busy learners' attention. Explore how storytelling and borrowing from marketing and media best practices can help you design experiences that keep learners engaged.

Learner Engagement Strategies

Key strategies for learner engagement. Learner engagement isn't one-size-fits-all, but there are key strategies that will help engage learners at any organization. Read this interview with Haley Dorn, one of our client success managers here at Nomadic, to dive into tips in how to keep learners engaged through great communication and social learning strategies.

Best practices for learner engagement. Explore effective strategies for driving learner engagement at your organization, with examples from Nomadic clients who have launched successful L&D initiatives at their companies and helped their learners feel engaged and empowered in this interview with with Nicole Noble, one of our client success managers here at Nomadic.

Five tips for improving learner engagement. Discover what learner engagement in corporate digital learning environments looks like and how it can be measured and improved. Plus, explore the technical capabilities necessary to measure and foster great learner engagement.

Cohort-Based Learning and Learner Engagement

Why cohorts keep learners engaged. Explore three ways cohort-based learning can help you drive learner engagement and leverage the best that digital learning has to offer.

Drive learner engagement and beat Zoom fatigue with cohort-based learning. Issues like Zoom fatigue, burnout, and overwork make it difficult for employees to find time to engage in learning. Cohort-based courses may provide an answer.

Asynchronous vs. synchronous learning: for remote learner engagement, choose something in between. Semi-synchronous cohort-based learning has proven a great model for sustaining learner engagement, especially for large, global teams. Here's what it is and why it helps grab and keep learners' attention.

Semi-synchronous collaborative learning: a definition This approach to learning has been shown to be hugely effective for both engagement and impact. But what is semi-synchronous collaborative learning? And how does it work?

Why is cohort-based learning so effective? Cohort-based learning is one of the buzziest topics in L&D. Dive into the details of why this social, collaborative learning model is so effective and how it keeps learners engaged by exploring one of the most important parts of human psychology: that we're highly socially motivated creatures.

Developing a Consultative L&D Strategy

How a consultative L&D strategy can drive learner engagement. Learn how a consultative approach to L&D can drive learner engagement, business transformation, and more. Explore tips for making L&D an internal business partner, fostering stakeholder engagement, and putting learners at the center of your efforts.

Three proven learner engagement strategies for today's L&D landscape. Move beyond a tactical approach to learner engagement that focuses on tips and tricks for getting learners into the platform and toward a strategic, consultative approach to L&D that motivate learners instrinsically.

How learning drives business transformation. To develop a consultative L&D strategy, you first need to understand the "why" behind your learning initiative. Often, it's supporting a key transformation within the business. Explore how learning drives transformation, and how this will help you make learning more meaningful to employees.


For more tips on learner enagement and an interactive checklist to help you put this into practice at your organization, download your free copy of The New Learner Engagement Toolkit. It features seven key strategies and four tactical tips you can apply right away, alongside great insights from learning solutions experts.

To learn more about Nomadic, you can also get in touch to discover how our cohort-based learning has driven record engagement and impact across industries and organizations.

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L&D tips: how to create a learning strategy with maximum impact

Discover how L&D can support mission-critical business initiatives by designing a learning strategy that fosters collaboration and empowers learners with the skills and capabilities they need to thrive today. (Hint: the right metrics make a huge difference!)

Learner engagement tips for digital L&D

Check out these three tips for solving one of the stickiest problems in digital L&D: how to foster great learner engagement.