Eduardo Torres on his 3 year work anniversary

Mar 12, 2024 by Robert M. Burnside

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Robert M. Burnside: Congratulations, Eduardo, on your 3 years. So how's it going for you working at Nomadic? What's keeping you here?

Eduardo Torres: There are a couple of things that I value the most at Nomadic, and one of them is the empathetic and human approach to the day-to-day business, not only inside each specific team, not only internally across different teams, but also towards clients. So I feel like Nomadic generally keeps a very thoughtful approach towards routine. What might seem like a routine, Nomadic just manages to make it seem so sensible and insightful on a day-to-day basis. The other thing is my colleagues. I love working with each one of the other Nomads. I think everyone in Nomadic is brilliant, and I really enjoy when we have our group conversations because I feel like everyone brings their own unique perspective to the table. And I appreciate, you know, like-minded individuals. That's nice. But I also like diversity and the fact that we can find cohesion and harmony in our differences. That's really what I think that keeps me in Nomadic.

Robert M. Burnside: if somebody asks you about what it's like to work at Nomadic? What do you say?

Eduardo Torres: I think this one relates to the previous one, in the human sense. The human approach, working with great individuals... I think, also working at Nomadic, is in big part what you make of it because Nomadic is so small, right? There's a lot of value in autonomy and in your own proposition. So yes, there are certain deadlines that one needs to meet. There are projects that need to be completed, but your style, and the way that you complete these projects or complete these tasks are, I think, very well respected. And not only that, it's encouraged to bring your own way of doing work. I think an example is in the All Team meetings. Whenever we have these breakout rooms, we have a general set of instructions or guidelines, and because we're like that, when we come back, we had a great conversation with lots of value, but we probably didn't really answer what we were asked to answer, and we love it, and it's fine, you know. So this kind of like, like you often say, Robert, unstructured structure, there is a structure, but inside of it we're free to be as long as the work gets done eventually, of course.

Robert M. Burnside: That's interesting. Why is being free to decide what to do important to you?

Eduardo Torres: So personally, I'm someone who values expressing oneself a lot. And, when I say expressing, I don't only mean verbal or oral expression, I mean expression in any kind of form. It could be art, it could be written expression and being oneself as one is, as long as you don't bring any harm to yourself or others, for me, it's the greatest way of expressing yourself. So these are, of course, my convictions, but it is awesome to know that I can continue to express myself. Be who I am in the workplace.

Robert M. Burnside: Yeah, that's cool. That'really cool. Because I'm with you on that I think that essentially each human being is a unique work of art. You know what I mean. There's value in in our uniqueness. And so if we can express that it really brings something.

Eduardo Torres: And it's not only that you can do that, it's that, on top of that, it is valued: being yourself, bringing your own unique perspective. It is something that Nomadic not only welcomes, but also applauds.

Robert M. Burnside: That's interesting. So what's an example of that? I guess, either within and with clients or in the works.

Eduardo Torres: The breakout rooms in our weekly meetings are, I think, a platform for us to do precisely that: brainstorm, bring our own unique ideas, question together, and see if we can come up with something, create something that could be of value as an addition to the product, a better way to interact with clients, a new learning offering...