Digital Learning: The Dance Between Digital and Classroom Learning

May 04, 2018 by Robert M. Burnside

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This is a picture of an 11th century university classroom. Not much has changed since. Thankfully, digital learning is bringing change. I recently wrote an article with Amy Loomis, co-founder and former director of IBM’s Think Academy, in which we explore how the practice of digital learning is evolving and outline the best approaches to integrate it in the classroom. There’s clearly a new model of learning emerging in the world, and we can all work together to perfect it.

Our article is published in the May issue of Chief Learning Officer magazine, under the title “Beyond the Classroom”. To access the full content, please click here. Here are some of the ideas we discuss in the article:

· How the practice of digital learning is evolving

· How the best approaches of the traditional classroom can emerge in digital learning

· A new model for hybrid digital learning

Read the full article, and let us know your comments—Amy and I are interested in the co-creation of the best approaches to digital learning.

Want to learn how Nomadic is approaching the future of learning? Check out Effective Collaborative Learning—The Nomadic Way.

Onward to the future!

Robert M. Burnside
Senior Learning Advisor, Nomadic Learning
Former CLO Ketchum

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