Our 2018 Holiday Wish List

Dec 19, 2018 by Our 2018 Holiday Wish List

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We love learning and we love the holiday season. So, what better way to acknowledge both than sharing our holiday learning wish list. Here’s what we’re hoping for from Santa:

  • That companies actually give their employees time for learning as part of their daily routine, not just pay lip service to the importance of learning
  • That the CLO’s ideal data set becomes a reality
  • That the ‘hostage learning video’ (the ones where the subject looks right down the barrel of the camera, looking nervous) is consigned to the dustbin of history
  • That more learning happens in coffee shops, or more importantly their digital equivalents
  • That all learning companies show their belief in what they are selling by using their own product – like we do, when we make it we use it!
  • That our co-founders keep up their humor and authenticity in The Learning Conversation podcast episodes

    And some for our non-learning wishes:

  • That all of the dogs and cats in shelters find permanent homes for the holidays
  • That Slack never goes down again – going back to email is never cool
  • That the world’s migrant populations suddenly go to the top of everyone’s list of whom to help
  • That my socks stop getting holes where the big toes are
  • That people become happier, more mindful and kinder to each other
  • And finally, that everybody would stop emphasizing goals so much and get back to wishing.

    What’s on your holiday wish list?

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