Free Licenses in Partnership with Martini Education & Opportunity Trust

Jul 08, 2020 by Nomadic Team

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Nomadic Learning is proud to partner with Martini Education and Opportunity Trust (MEOT) to expand access to the Nomadic Academy.

With the generosity of MEOT, we are able to provide 5000 free licenses to the Nomadic Academy to organizations and individuals worldwide. These licenses are for nonprofits, educators, and social innovation and social justice organizations. We will prioritize change-makers from historically excluded communities, including those that further the cause of the Black Lives Matter movement.

MEOT is an education and opportunity trust that supports students and young business professionals as they lead the transformation of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) structures worldwide. Founded by Brent Martini and Carey Weiss, it “puts wind in the sails” of initiatives that power social and environmental changemakers.

Together, Nomadic Learning and MEOT will open doors for the next generation of leaders.

Please reach out here if you are interested in applying on behalf of a team or organization, or as an individual. Enrollments for qualifying organizations will be awarded on a rolling basis starting July 2020. Individuals may submit applications now, and enrollments for qualifying individuals will be awarded in October 2020.

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To learn more about MEOT, visit the website here.