How do we measure learning in the Nomadic Academy?

Jul 23, 2020 by Nomadic Team

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In our previous posts, we talked about how team-based learning works in the Nomadic Academy through Programs, how we deliver micro-learning in Resources, how our members can connect with each other in Community, and how each of those elements come together in a Learner Journey. But how do we measure all that incredible learning?

The Nomadic Academy platform provides access to qualitative and quantitative analytics not found on any other platform in the market. With our analytics dashboard, ROI in learning has never been so clear.

Our deep learning data reveals insights that can help organizations understand employees ideas, challenges, and hopes for growth at the organization. You can see the capability areas that your team are struggling with and the areas where they are strongest. You can also compare data across capability areas, across teams within the same Programs and between individuals within the same team, giving you a real measure of comparative performance.

As an administrator of your organization’s team in the Nomadic Academy, you’ll be able to analyze individual and team performance across many different data points. Here are just a few:

Best of all, as we are a social-first learning platform, you get incredible qualitative data on what your teams of managers and leaders are really thinking and feeling. Our comment analysis report, which we’ll talk about in a later post, provides sentiment analysis and a real sense of the deep learning that is occurring within the Nomadic Academy.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can adapt the Nomadic Academy for your teams, contact us here.

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