We're offering free access to Nomadic for those laid off due to Covid-19.

Oct 13, 2020 by Nomadic Team

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Over 38 million people worldwide have lost their jobs due to the economic fallout from the global pandemic, and unfortunately those figures continue to rise. In the United States alone, 13% of the population has filed for unemployment this year. And now, seven months and decades worth of change later, it’s becoming increasingly clear that many of the roles lost won’t be coming back.

We built Nomadic to help existing and aspiring leaders quickly develop the skills, mindset, and network needed to thrive in a rapidly changing world; we recognize that right now, many of those people need new skills in order to get back into the workforce.

That’s why, ahead of our official launch, we’re offering free enrollment in Nomadic for anyone laid off due to the economic fallout from the pandemic. Those accepted will receive an education in the topics we've worked with leaders and academics to identify as most important for success in the future, and join a community of global peers to whom they will have direct access.

We invite those who qualify to apply here before October 26. Even if you don’t qualify, please feel free to share widely with your friends, family, and network. If you work for an organization and are part of a team transitioning laid off employees out of the workforce, please contact us using the above link if you'd like to offer Nomadic as a benefit.

For everyone else, stay tuned for more updates coming very soon.