Kim Milhoan on 4 years at Nomadic

Apr 04, 2024 by Robert M. Burnside

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Robert M. Burnside: Hi Kim, February 3rd was your 4 year anniversary. So how's it going for you working at Nomadic? What's keeping you here?

Kim Milhoan It has been a fantastic journey! What is keeping me here? First and foremost, the people.

Kim Milhoan Because of the Pandemic, I have only had the opportunity to meet the team once, yet Nomadic feels like a family. This says so much about our culture, that we can maintain meaningful connections through a virtual environment. Something I did not think was possible.

Kim Milhoan Also, the uniqueness of each one of us – the diversity of professional backgrounds, intellectual pursuits and creative interests… makes for a very fun and dynamic team! Sometimes, differences can create a chasm between people – but for us it is a bridge to connection and a true desire to learn from each other. This connection and curiosity are reflected in everything we do, from our writing and videos to overall approach to instructional design. When a learner goes through a Nomadic Program, they are experiencing our culture.

Robert M. Burnside: If somebody says to you, hey, Kim, what's it like to work at Nomadic? What do you say?

Kim Milhoan There's never a boring day! Because we are a small organization and our staff has so many varied talents, we are always contributing beyond our defined role. And sometimes this requires learning new skills. Nomads work in a culture of learning – as we contribute in new ways, we grow in new ways. It’s pretty fantastic!

Kim Milhoan Also, leadership truly values the team’s unique voice. Strategic planning sessions include all Nomads. Our CEO, Matt Burr, will bring the entire team together (virtually) to help brainstorm the vision, or direction, for the next quarter or year. And it is not just an exercise. We feel heard and valued. If you have a great idea, you can see it come to fruition, which is very exciting.

Robert M. Burnside: Anything else you want to add?

Kim Milhoan Our vision is to shift the traditional mindset of digital learning. It’s no longer about consumption of data, but an experience shared with peers. Getting a 100% on a quiz is great. But the real magic happens when you connect people and offer them a platform to share ideas and experiences. Oftentimes, this digital brainstorming can lead to learning outcomes that are applied to the workplace.

Kim Milhoan For employers that share our vision, we are their advocate. We work with them to ensure every member of their team understands this fundamental shift in adult learning, and the value of Nomadic as their L&D solution. I see so many clients that adopt our platform and are blown away by what we helped them accomplish. ABI, for one, told us that the discussion forums led to hundreds of examples of their team applying new knowledge and insights to their work.

Kim Milhoan That is an amazing achievement. What we do works. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!

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There's never a boring day! Because we are a small organization and our staff has so many varied talents, we are always contributing beyond our defined role.