Discover If You’re an L&D Disruptor: Interactive Quiz

May 29, 2024 by Robert M. Burnside

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Are you an L&D disruptor––or on your way to becoming one? Take our new L&D Disruptor Quiz to find out!

What’s an L&D disruptor?

During the decade we’ve spent helping leaders across industries launch learning experiences that deepen their employees’ capabilities and support key business transformations, we’ve noticed a pattern. There’s a certain type of leader who thinks creatively about learning and sees it as a tool for solving the stickiest business problems and for helping teams navigate moments of great change. Time and again, they’re the learning leaders who have the most impact on their organizations, particularly in times of uncertainty.

We’ve decided to call these leaders L&D disruptors––that is, anyone who’s disrupting the old way of thinking about learning (focused on compliance, too often divorced from the central goals of the business), and instead using it to tackle complex problems and transform organizations.

Some L&D disruptors are chief learning officers or hold other titles within the L&D function, but others might hold capability building roles or learning-focused roles in other functions.

So you don’t need to sit in L&D to be a learning disruptor. You just need to be someone who uses learning strategically to make an impact on your business.

We recently launched a blog series where we define the L&D disruptor and offer tips for how to take this strategic approach to learning at your organization. Throughout more than a decade of creating cohort-based academies for the Fortune 500, we’ve been lucky to work with many learning disruptors along the way. We know the impact these leaders can achieve with their learning programs, and our goal is to help more people follow in their footsteps.

The L&D Disruptor Quiz

Now, you can take our L&D Disruptor Quiz to discover if you’re currently a learning disruptor within your organization, or if you’re on the path to becoming one. The quiz asks questions about your experience, your role, and the way you think about learning and its potential for impact across the business.

We hope that taking the quiz––and discovering where you stand on the path to becoming a learning disruptor––will provide an opportunity for you to consider how you’re currently approaching your learning strategy. And to reflect on what else might be possible.

Click here to take the quiz now!


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