How You Learn in the Nomadic Academy Part 3: Community

Jul 09, 2020 by Nomadic Team

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In our previous posts we shared with you how we deliver team-based deep learning through our Programs, and in the flow of work learning through our Resources. Within those areas, learning together, discussing challenges, and sharing ideas are all part of the experience. But we also want to create a space for free and open dialog and exchange of ideas amongst a global community of learners, not bound by a particular learning topic. That’s where our Community page comes in.

The Community page in the Nomadic Academy is a place for our growing membership to share insights, work together to solve problems, and get practical help from peers and experts. Every single learner in the Nomadic Academy can post their ideas and experience as managers and leaders in these extraordinary times. Learners can lean on each other for help by posting questions and challenges that the Nomadic Academy community can address together.

It is truly a place for the free exchange of ideas and collaborative problem solving, amongst a global network of managers and leaders all figuring this stuff out together.

When you visit Community, you’ll see a number of posts from other learners on a feed—sort of like what you see on social media platforms. The posts can include links to poignant articles, or uploads of helpful PDFs, photos, or presentations. As well as posts from our global community we may also have featured posts from experts and faculty members, giving learners the opportunity to interact with more experienced professionals.

You can react to posts, comment on and reply to any post, as well as tag your colleagues and fellow learners in the Academy who you think might have something to bring to the conversation.

Community, combined with Programs and Resources, completes the 3 core pillars of the Nomadic Academy learning experience. Together, they create a continuous and collaborative learning environment where real change can happen.

In our next post on How You Learn in the Nomadic Academy, we’ll look at Journeys; guided learning paths though Programs, Resources and Community.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can adapt the Nomadic Academy for your teams, contact us here.