Management II: Structure and Agility

Jan 28, 2021 by Nomadic Team

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The stereotypical middle manager of yore was often caricatured as a bureaucratic paper pusher, a cog in the corporate machine that created and upheld rigid systems and discipline. As accurate or inaccurate as that historic stereotype might have been at the time, it couldn’t be further off from the role of the modern manager, often caught in a seemingly constant act of adapting to change.

Modern management is a balancing act. On the one hand, we have the concrete and structured: workflows, deliverables, and deadlines. On the other, we have the changeable and nuanced: interpersonal dynamics, shifting landscapes, and emerging innovations. Management II: Structure + Agility, which starts next week, was built to help you find the critical equilibrium between two priorities that don’t always align: adaptability and structure. Enroll today or request a demo for your team.

When you enroll, you’ll join a group of peers to work together through theory, case studies, and applied problems, covering topics including:

After completing the Program, you might even find yourself doing the previously unimaginable and seemingly oxymoronic: finding freedom and creativity in process.