How great leaders unlock creativity—without the chaos

Feb 04, 2021 by Nomadic Team

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What does it take to be a manager and a leader in 2021? Some of us are in big, complicated companies slowed down by legacy processes ten or fifteen years out of date and haphazardly replicated for remote work. Some of us are in small, freewheeling startups with lots of ideas—but not a lot of infrastructure. And no matter what the company looks like, we’re all trying to adapt the way we work to meet the challenges of an unpredictable time.

Today’s best managers excel at finding middle ground. The balance between agility and structure is the key to innovative work: a thoughtfully designed process gives structure to creativity, allowing great ideas to take shape fast. This is the topic at the heart of Management II: Structure + Agility, which opens this week. Enroll today and join us as we build the skills that make good managers great.

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