Program Spotlight: The Analytical Mind

Apr 02, 2021 by Nomadic Team

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Data is everywhere. For leaders and managers, data can be a great way to ensure strategic decision-making, communicate ideas, and better understand our organizations and teams.

Most people know this. We understand that data is great for gaining insights and explaining trends. We also know it’s especially important in chaotic times.

And lately...well, “chaotic” feels like an understatement.

But there’s a difference between knowing this and putting it into practice. For those of us who aren’t trained analysts, sometimes all this data can feel like not much signal and an awful lot of noise.

At Nomadic, we saw that gap––and it’s why we developed our new Program, The Analytical Mind. Because, as Forbes says, data is “not just for the analytics team anymore.”

The Analytical Mind focuses on two key areas. The first is harnessing the power and potential of data through modernized data literacy skills. The second is being good stewards of that information once we have it.

The Program’s Field Manuals explore topics like finding the data you need (and filtering out the data you don’t); the role of experimentation in making sense of problems; skills for great data storytelling; and how to use data to drive savvy decision-making.

Featured voices in the Program include Dan Kopf, data editor at The San Francisco Chronicle; Rena Yi, PhD, People Analytics, Global Talent Organization at LinkedIn; Reza Moussavian, SVP of Digital & Innovation at Deutsche Telekom; and more.

The Analytical Mind Program addresses these questions:

To dive deeper into this brand-new Program, check out The Analytical Mind.

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