Driving learner engagement through learning design best practices

Jan 26, 2023 by Erin Becker

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The New York Times posted an interesting interview with Deep Work author Cal Newport earlier week. If you haven't had a chance to read it, it's worth taking a look. The grim title argues that "the digital workplace is designed to bring you down," but the article itself is full of possibilities for how we might move toward better ways of working together, particularly in digital spaces.

The digital world's impact on how we absorb information, collaborate, and even think are certainly at the core of my work as a marketer. And it's at the core of how Nomadic thinks about learning, too––to the extent that when I shared this piece with my colleagues, one member of our product team replied, "We're Cal Newport superfans over here!" Whether it's considering the user experience within the learner platform or how to create content that will make learners care, thinking deeply about learner engagement now is all about considering how to foster real, sustained attention, particularly in digital spaces.

From large-swath ideas about why and how adults learn best, to the smallest design decisions that come together to create the conditions for focused attention within the learning experience, much of the best thinking in L&D right now is focused on tackling the same questions that Newport points toward in this interview. How do we use digital tools best? And how do we make work better for everyone?

We've shared a wealth of resources on learner engagement previously, and they all boil down to one key point: make the learning matter. When the learning is related to everyday work, and learners understand how it will improve their work and help them thrive in their day-to-day. Used correctly, digital tools can make our work and lives better––but it all starts with careful design, and an eye toward creating experiences that are meaningful, relevant, and make people want to keep coming back.


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